Our mission is clear and simple: We want your pets to receive the freshest, most healthful, food and treats delivered to your home FREE.

Mendy’s Dog Food Delivery was created to compliment the services offered by Teacups & Toys, a Pet Boutique. Having your pet’s food or treats delivered free is a convenience we think many of our customers will appreciate. 

We want you to get the freshest food as possible. So, when you place your order on Monday we’ll deliver it on Friday, this way you’ll get the best sell-by date, rather than purchasing from existing inventory that has been on a shelf.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the “big box” stores, you’re not getting the best price with a “no-frills” discount; you’re paying more to help pay the rent on that huge warehouse-looking store. 

If you have any questions regarding Mendy’s Dog Food Delivery or you have questions about selecting the right food or treats, please call us at 248-594-9494.